In agile preparation

Table of Content

  • Forword
  • Introduction
  • Winning new Business
  • Business Development
  • Account Management
  • Capture Management
  • Proposal Management
  • Executive Summary
  • Methods and Concepts
  • Templates and Tools


  • Appendix-1: Account Plan
  • Appendix-2: Capture Plan
  • Appendix-3: Proposal Plan
  • Appendix-4: Quality in Proposals
  • Appendix-5: Public Tenders in Germany
  • Appendix-6: ESA Tender Management


  • Account Plan
  • Capture Plan
  • Proposal Plan
  • Bidder Comparison Matrix (BCM)
  • Executive Summary

BidBook Development in Collaboration

Our BidBox – BidBook is under creation and we do this in Collaboration. Of course all rights belong to BidBox GmbH.

The Content of the book focuses on Business Development, Sales, Capture Management and Proposal Management with relevant Information and guidance in Europe. There are a number of  Publications in BD&Proposal Management scene available on the markets, but those publications written for business in USA and UK.

Initial Authors:

  • Wolfram Seyring
  • Hüseyin Özkan
  • Wolfgang Mildner


  • Joachim Klühspies


  • Wolfram Seyring


  • BidBox GmbH (Wolfram Seyring)


The core writing team has more than 100 years experience  in the topics we will write about.


If you wish to contribute, please send a message.

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